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MORGAN MacQUARRIE - Over The Cabot Trail

MORGAN MacQUARRIE - Over The Cabot Trail
Musical Traditions MTCD511

Musical Traditions is one of the small labels that enthusiasts of traditional music must be grateful for. Their production values are of the highest order. Most of their releases come in a DVD-sized case, and all have been well researched and have informative, illustrated booklets. Nearly all of the contents of their CD’s have not been released or are no longer available. Over The Cabot Trail by Morgan MacQuarrie is no exception having been briefly released with limited distribution by Rounder, CD 7041.

Morgan, from Cape Breton Island, plays Scottish / Cape Breton traditional fiddle music of the old-fashioned kind. Indeed his fiddle maintains more of the tradition than is usual. Playing mainly within his local community or for his own entertainment, he thus managed to avoid most of the outside influences that are inevitable consequences of today’s ease of travel and communications. Even when away from home Morgan did not compromise the integrity of his music and maintained the old style of playing.

Morgan’s repertoire is mainly known compositions in the Scottish tradition and includes reels, jigs and strathspeys all played with skill, technique and most importantly, feeling. Morgan is sympathetically accompanied by Gordon MacLean on piano.

Over The Cabot Trail is a must for fans of traditional Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle music, and indeed traditional fiddle music in general - another treasure trove of  music. Well done Musical Traditions.

Danny Saunders

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