Swap - Du Da

Are you depressed? Have you got no money?
Does your body ache? Are you just bored? Does your car not start? If you answer yes to any of these questions then…

No this is not one of those awful adverts where you have to ring an expensive phone line to get the answer… It’s the words to one of the songs on the new Swåp CD ‘Du Da’. Swåp are the result of a chance meeting back in 1995 between Karen Tweed and Ian Carr, both well-known on this side of the North Sea and Ola Bäckström and Carina Normansson, who were equally famous in their homeland of Sweden. The musical chemistry was obvious from the start. Nine years later, four albums and fairly regular live performances we arrive at this latest CD.

What hits you on first listen is the way it all seems so natural and fresh. Traditional tunes and songs sit alongside new polskas written by Ian or songs by Carina. The arrangements allow interplay between fiddles, piano accordion and guitar providing different layers of sound (I’m sure there is a correct musical term for this) - whilst it still feels that the four of them are just sitting in a room playing for fun. It’s the same after many more listenings. And that is what I like about this album.

The playing, recording and engineering are all top quality as is the artwork, especially the photography, isn’t it sickening how some people are so photogenic, although it did take me a minute to work out the layout of the booklet. And those smiles on the cover are infectious; you’ll find yourself doing the same as you listen to ‘Du Da’ by Swåp. They have some tour dates during the autumn so try to catch them if you can.

Have you stopped laughing? Is your life a pest?


Their answer is to watch TV all the time! But a far better idea is to buy this CD or watch Swåp live.

Dave Beeby

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