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DAN POSSUMATO - The Last Pint 

DAN POSSUMATO - The Last Pint 
Old Box Records OBR005 

Dan Possumato was born in Pittsburgh on St. Patrick’s Day, so there was always a fair chance that he might one day become interested in Irish music! He did so at an early age, and continued to learn during his travels through America, Germany and Ireland itself.

Dan plays melodeon and D / G button accordion, and has a great pool of guest musicians to accompany him – Kevin Burke, fiddle; Seamus McGuire, fiddle; Bill Verdier, fiddle; Teresa Baker, piano; Billy Oskay, fiddle; Gerry Whelan, tenor banjo; Vince Burns, fiddle; Frances Cunningham, bouzouki; Bruce Molyneaux, tenor banjo; Kathy Fallon, guitar; and Myron Bretholz, bodhrán.

Dan’s smooth, fluid style carries the tunes effortlessly along, always complementing the tunes and never overpowering them like some box players can tend to do. With such a range of accompanying players there is plenty of variation in the overall sound, all well-balanced in the recording so that everyone stands out clearly. The tunes are mostly traditional, with some more recently composed, and no matter the provenance, Dan’s playing makes it all sound easy. There is a warmth and depth to it all which reflects both a respect and a love for the music which permeates the whole record. Indeed, it’s easy enough to just close your eyes and immediately feel that you’re in a session in someone’s home, having as good a time as all the musicians here are obviously having. A splendid CD in every respect.

Gordon Potter

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