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Traditional Music from Ireland and Newfoundland" Ossian Publications osscd131

This is a very interesting cd, bringing together the music of traditions separated by 2000 miles of ocean. The traditions in question being the Irish and that of Newfoundland, are nowhere near that far apart musically. Irish emigration to Newfoundland has a long and fairly unique history. According to the information contained in the notes the first Irish settlers in Newfoundland were from the southeast, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and Tipperary, many left before the Great Famine. Newfoundland's isolation has meant that until recently the Irish musical influence has been left uncontaminated. So most of the music on this cd is very Irish in both sound and structure.

Some of the musicians, the Irish ones, Seamus Creagh, Aidan Coffey, Mick Daly among others are known to me and I am sure to readers of L.T. The Newfoundlanders are new to me. However, everyone is a fine musician and on top form. The tunes are a mixture of old and new, bet you can't tell which is which without referring to the notes, from both Ireland and Newfoundland. Island to Island is a most enjoyable cd of well played traditional music, some from one of the most well known of traditions, some from a tradition that may sound familiar but is much less well known.

Island to Island is an unusual project and worthy of support buy it and enjoy the music, the academic interest is a bonus.

Danny Saunders

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