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SCOTT MURRAY - There Was A Love 

SCOTT MURRAY - There Was A Love 
Private Label PARTAN02CD 

Some nine years after his celebrated Evening’s Fa album, Scott Murray explores a more jazz-oriented aspect of his repertoire, harking back to his earlier influences, pre-Sangsters. Those expecting to hear Scott’s distinctive voice may be surprised to hear that he only contributes vocals to three tracks. However, his musical compositions are the essence of this album, which is mostly instrumental. Accompanists include Phil Bancroft, who contributes divine tenor sax to There Was A Sang, Corrina Hewat, on vocals and harp, and Dave Milligan who plays piano throughout.

There is a mood music vibe woven through these tracks, and though not necessarily to my personal taste, preferring as I do his more folk-based output, I can appreciate that this is a work of honesty and integrity, though a departure from his material familiar to the bulk of us. The recommendation to file under Folk/Jazz in itself just adds to the confusion. The last track, Miss Margaret, even borrows motifs from Randy Newman.

While there may be more than a hint of nostalgia in the conception of this collection of tracks, both originating before and during the COVID lockdown, this is a competent and pleasing album, and a fitting celebration of Scott’s 75 years plus.

Grem Devlin


This review appeared in Issue 141 of The Living Tradition magazine