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ROSE KEMP 'Glance' Park Records PRKCD63

A quick introduction for those who need it - Rose Kemp is Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp's daughter. That was quick wasn't it? OK so now we've got the introductions over with let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Put aside your hopes of any traditional material for here we have an album of such maturity that it hits you like the first time you encountered say Tracey Chapman or more recently Dido. Much like Maddy, Rose has chosen the talents of one main musician/producer Tony Poole to carefully craft and shape the songs and in doing so the contemporary edge brings it into the market place so beloved of the likes of Jools Holland etc. This is acoustic based pop of the highest calibre crossing swords with Jazz, Blues and a myriad of styles. The lyrics belie her youth (18) and although perhaps not bitter from life's experiences releases her feelings through her words. On the telling 'No-One' you get a sense of (perhaps) resignation tempered by the thought that whoever the song is written about may just come around to your way of thinking. For those that have been there, and let's face it most of us have, the maturity of the lyric will strike a chord.

Although I'll more than likely be slagged off for it I must admit that for me a woman's voice can speak far more eloquently than a man when it comes to matters of the heart and just a glance at the album's lyrics will confirm the statement. Finally, I notice that Rose doesn't allow herself the luxury of relying on her illustrious parents to prop up the recording. I'm sure this isn't a case of striking out on her own to prove a point and if I know her mum and dad they must be extremely proud of their little girl - I know she is of them, it says so in her sleeve notes.

Pete Fyfe

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