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BRIAN PETERS - Squeezebox, Voicebox

BRIAN PETERS - Squeezebox, Voicebox
Pugwash PUGCD010

Brian Peters is one of those musicians who seems to always have been around. This collection shows that it would be a very big mistake to take him for granted.

Rightly acclaimed for his melodeon and anglo-concertina playing, he decided against making the all-instrumental CD that might have been his personal preference. Instead, he has devoted half of it to songs which, on just a quick reading of the track-list, might look a little over-familiar. The saving grace is that he has versions of even old-stagers like The Wild Rover and John Barleycorn which sound fresh and different.

After that, it is a given that the playing of the assorted squeezeboxes will be of high calibre. The quality of the recording of instruments which are not always the easiest to capture in their full glory in the studio also deserves a word of praise.

Brian's singing is of that unpretentious kind in which great squeezebox players seem to specialise; Tony Hall, or of the younger generation, Ollie King. They all deserve to be mentioned in the same wheezing breath.

Dave Hadfield

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