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CORRAN RAA - Daydreams And Departures

CORRAN RAA - Daydreams And Departures
Private Label RAA002CD

Corran Raa is a young quartet featuring guitar, two fiddles and piano, with a nice flair for composition of tunes and songs. The name derives from a sand spit on Taransay, an island where this collective first played together and where they have returned to many times. The Hebrides and Shetland are woven through this album and bind the tracks thematically. Kath Bruce, the pianist, is the only vocalist, and has a really delicate voice which would benefit from being more prominent in the mix, but is delightful nonetheless. Robbie Leask, the guitarist, contributes to some stunning tunes and his solo effort, Kirkhus, is one of this album’s triumphs. The medley Seggy Boats / Dude And Jude / The Fat Puffin is my second favourite, although it must be said that there are no duds here - every track is controlled, rehearsed to death and produced with love by the band themselves.

Janet Lees and Jenny Smith, the two fiddlers, work well as a team and are the joint backbone of the group. I would love to get an opportunity to see Corran Raa live, but their website indicates very few appearances (and nothing current) but I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for a chance to see them.

Shanks and Russell’s The Dancing is a competent take on a recent classic and Kath Bruce’s title tune, which closes the album, has a dream like quality and rounds off this collection in style. All in all, a great second CD.

Grem Devlin

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