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RootBeat Records RBRCD27

Now and again a CD comes along that is a delight from start to finish; Wing Of Evening combines a contemporary folk performance with a deep rooted understanding and sympathetic approach to the origins of the material. The singing and instrumental arrangements are extremely well executed and sensitive to the stimulating and thought provoking songs on the album. On closer inspection, apparently a very loose love theme runs through the collection, exemplified by various powerful manifestations of young love, cruel jealousy, desire, friendship and lust. The Dovetail Trio sing from the heart demonstrating fine musicianship from the sensitive guitar playing of Jamie Roberts and the inspirational concertina of Matt Quinn. The overall sound is adorned and embellished by the inspirational and subtle singing of Rosie Hood, whose voice intertwines perfectly with the music.

In so many ways this is such an accomplished virtuosic CD it is almost impossible to select any one song over another, but it falls upon me to try. The enchanting Banks Of Mossing (Mossen) is unaccompanied, demonstrating some fine harmony singing perfectly weaving in and out like long strands of weed in a babbling stream. The Lady And The Soldier, beautifully executed by Rosie Hood, has a perfectly formed classic folk tune which Rosie takes full advantage of. Falling into the Mistletoe Bough category of songs, Frozen Girl, based on Seba Smith’s 1843 poem, is an American story with a hauntingly beautiful and poignant tune.

This CD is a joy to listen to - the sleeve notes are well considered and informative, the overall production and balance is very well executed and, above all, the singing is sublime - what more could you want? It’s gratifying to know that the transition of fine singing from one generation to another is in safe hands. I cannot recommend Wing Of Evening highly enough, a group to look out for on the folk circuit.

John Oke Bartlett

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