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MARTIN YOUNG - Watergrain

MARTIN YOUNG - Watergrain
Red Admiral Records REDADCDA598

Martin Young is a folk singer and dance caller from Essex. I have to admit that until now, I had never heard of him, but I don’t suppose he has heard of me either! Judging by the list of guests on this and his previous releases, lots of others have. Among these are the likes of Graeme Taylor, Michael Gregory, John Kirkpatrick and Tim Edey, to name just a few.

Watergrain comprises mostly self penned songs with the odd traditional one thrown in for good measure. Despite the list of guests, it is when the music is stripped down that it is at its best. In fact, on some tracks it just gets in the way. Talking of getting in the way, I personally see no reason for the short interludes that crop up at various times. If they are good enough, make a full track out of them rather than break the flow of the CD. I know they are supposed to hint at the final track but I wouldn’t have seen this if it hadn’t been pointed out.

This is the CD that Martin says he was not going to make. I am glad he has because, despite the aforementioned reservations, there is plenty to enjoy on Watergrain and it should sell well as a result of his live appearances.

Dave Beeby

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