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KRIS DREVER - If Wishes Were Horses

KRIS DREVER - If Wishes Were Horses
Reveal Records REVEAL058CDX

Mention Kris Drever’s name and most people will say he is one third of Lau. What they forget is that he also has a life as a solo artist, as well as being a much sought after guitarist. If Wishes Were Horses is his first solo work for six years.

The songs deal with issues that have affected Kris over that time, but with which a lot will be able to empathise. All are self penned with one exception, Capernaum, Lewis Spence’s poem set to the music of Ed Miller. Kris has made this his own so it sits perfectly well alongside the rest of the tracks.

Helping him along the way are Ian Carr, Euan Burton and Louis Abbott - all excellent musicians in their own right. Kris himself provides some great laid back guitar and Massive Attack’s Yolanda Quartey has the perfect voice to sing alongside him.

Favourite track? It’s difficult to say, but the title track is pretty good, as is Hard Year, but there again I Didn’t Try Hard Enough is a strong opener, whilst Going To The North finishes the CD off and keeps you wanting more. And, oh yes, there are another seven tracks all worthy of mention too!

Don’t think you are going to get a watered down Lau - nothing could be further from the truth. What you get is an excellent CD from an intelligent songwriter who is at the top of his game. Each song demands you listen carefully and makes you think about the content. They say protest songs are on the decline; these are not of that style, but Kris does use his skills to provide a starting point for relevant discussions of the issues.

It’s been six years since his last solo album and I, for one, hope that it isn’t another six before the next one! Some of us are not getting any younger!

Dave Beeby

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