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BOB KNIGHT - Meet Me On The Moor

BOB KNIGHT - Meet Me On The Moor
Private Label RKR003

Bob is a singer of traditional and original songs based in Aberdeen. This is his third CD, but the second comprising his own songs – there are 12 originals here, all written and sung by Bob, and accompanied by his own guitar, with sensitive additions on fiddle, flute, whistle, accordion, piano and harp by Jonny Hardie, Kenny Hadden and Steve Ransome.

Bob has a very pleasant and easy to listen to voice. He writes simple, gentle melodies that work well with his songs, which tell plainly written accessible stories, mainly of love, friendship, faeries and Traveller folk (Bob is connected to the Travellers through his mother, Margaret Stewart). The songs are written in a fairly traditional style and sound familiar, like they have been around for years. They are mostly written in Scots, though they are still reasonably accessible, even for those not from those parts.

One noticeable feature of Bob’s writing is his ability to pen good choruses (examples here are Twa Herts Entwined, The Ground She Walks Upon, and the excellent and instantly engaging title track). This is possibly due to his long involvement with the folk scene – I can just hear folk club audiences singing along eagerly, and perhaps taking these songs and making them their own. This is a lovely album.

Michael White

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