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Rooksmere Records RRCD110

Fabian Holland seems to have come from nowhere and I have to admit I was not prepared for this CD. The opening guitar on The Landlord’s Daughter grabbed my attention, but it was the quality of Fabian’s voice and the storytelling which really had me hooked.

I also have to admit that I know nothing about him at all except that this is his debut work. It consists of seven self penned tracks and two less well known traditional tracks, but it’s hard to see the join. What comes over mostly is the quality of the story telling.

Father And Son is a mature piece of work about how a son turns into his father, which could easily sit in Chris Wood’s live set. Mad Eric caught my attention as I have a mate who is a bit mad but not in the way the character in this song is! Charlie is an inspirational tale about not listening to others but getting out there and doing it for yourself.

On this first work I am impressed that Fabian has been selective about the choice - going for quality rather than quantity, something others could take note of. Unusually, the guitar and vocals were recorded at the same time, giving the feel that they really do go together - again something others could take note of.

I started by saying that I knew nothing about Fabian Holland, but now know that was not quite accurate. I realise that I know he is good, very good, as is this CD which must rank up there with the best debuts. By the way, he is supporting The Albion Christmas Band, so others must agree with me!

Dave Beeby

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