Scott Harvey Ceilidh Band - “Traditionally Scottish” - Own Label SCBCD1

Here’s a lively young band (unless they used old photos!) with an interesting line-up of banjo, two accordions, piano / keyboards, guitar and drums, with occasional help from the bagpipes, who have put together over an hour’s worth of fresh and spirited dance music.

There’s a good interplay between the instruments, with no single one predominating – everybody gets heard as they should sound, which can sometimes be tricky with this sort of line-up, so full marks to engineer Richard Wong as well as to the band, who convey an enthusiasm in all that they do.  There’s always a feel that you get when listening to musicians who understand each other, and that comes across clearly here.

Scott Harvey is a busy man here, not only being band leader and banjo player, but also singing on a couple of tracks, which he does in a light and harmonious manner.

As with most CDs of this type, the tunes are arranged in sets which are listed by dance title, so all you need to do is dance the steps and enjoy yourselves.  There’s a web site, too at but as I’m a technonumptie, I can’t access it, but if it’s as good as their playing, it’ll be worth a visit.

Gordon Potter

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