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SCOTT HARVEY CEILIDH BAND "Scotland's Music" Own Label SCB CD2

This picks up from where the band's first release, Traditionally Scottish, left off. The same line-up is in place, with Scott Harvey, banjo and vocals; Colin Garvin, accordeon; Campbell Brown, accordeon; Gordon Hastie, drums; Tom Richardson, guitar; Alan Kitchen, piano and keyboards; and Rory Grossart, bagpipes. This consistency of membership means that the band has had an opportunity to become more familiar with each other's styles and as a result polish the performance even more. The first release was well received, and this latest number is a sure indicator of a band confident in their playing abilities.

With a playing time of over seventy minutes, there's a lot gets fitted in, with a fair mixture of ceilidh dance sets, songs and pipe sets which include electronic versions as well, just to give even more variety. This is one of the bands who are prepared to try to bring down some of the (largely artificial) barriers which certain people try to put up between Scottish Country Dancing and the rest of the world, by playing arrangements that have a wide target audience.

We also get plenty of variety in pace, from slow airs to muscular jigs and reels. The net effect is that this CD can be danced to or simply listened to for pleasure if your feet aren't up to the terpsichorean challenge!

Gordon Potter

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