MEREDYDD EVANS - Mered: Caneuon Gwerin.
Sain SCD2414

Carolyn Robson may not think kindly of me when I call to mind the days in the late seventies when she and I were both regular performers at the Wessex Traditional Folk Club in the Pembroke Arms, Bournemouth. She had a fine voice then and it is even better now. Some or her repertoire from those days (‘The Besom Maker’) has stood the test of time as well. Sarah Morgan will be well remembered for her work with Bread and Roses and Hen Party, and has a thirty-year reputation for “unaccompanied harmony at its best”. Moira Craig is less well known to me, but all that need be said about her has been said in an earlier issue of Living Tradition by Roy Harris, and after listening to this, I’d say that goes double for me.

When three such strong voices as these come together, it can sometimes be a little like a competitive sport. Not so here. Just fine unadorned singing done as well as it can be. Their version of Ralph McTell’s song from which the album takes its title is positively chilling, and I agree with the girls that ‘Only Remembered’ is a terrific closing song. I have yet to hear them live but I look forward to it. These ladies are true tradition bearers. Listen to this if you get the chance.

Phil Thomas

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