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CALAN - Jonah

CALAN - Jonah
Sain Records  SCD2657

Although another incredibly talented young band, Calan are a bit different to the rest. For a start they go out of their way to dress themselves up either for the album artwork or for their live performances, but most importantly they are at the forefront in trying to keep the traditional music of Wales alive and fresh and relevant. Quite a difficult task I must say......oh dear I have probably upset the Welsh readers.

Older readers will understand what I mean. In the past it was up to the amazing Ar Log to do just that and many of Calan’s traditional tracks are familiar from the playing of that band - but given a new slant here. All are played very well on a mixture of fiddles, harps (including the wonderful triple harp), accordion as well as pipes. But boundaries are pushed with the band’s arrangements and new writing.

There’s a very good traditional song as well as a couple, including the title track, penned by Huw Williams - remember him? - who makes a guest appearance on the CD, as he often does during their live performances.
Jonah is the second CD by Calan and is a step up from their very well received debut Bling, being much more polished and assured. The production and mixing, in the hands of Maartin Alcock, is first class, as is the packaging.
Already making an impression on the scene, if Calan continue with this standard then the traditional music of Wales is in excellent hands.  Apologies to all other bands from that area - I am sure you are doing a great job.

Dave Beeby

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