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THE SHEE - Murmurations

THE SHEE - Murmurations
Private Label SHEE3

Most bands struggle to find one good vocalist, but this six-piece outfit have three. On Murmurations The Shee provide space for all three. That is not the full story though, as there are six very good instrumentalists here as well - no not nine altogether, even though at times it sounds like it. It’s just that the three vocalists are equally at home on their respective instruments.

Murmurations starts with Olivia singing the beautiful traditional Down In The Broom with viola, fiddle and some lovely harmonies. This is seamlessly followed by The Starlings Set with flutes, mandolin, electroharp and accordion. Rachel leads the other two vocalists on Three Knights, whilst Lauren-Beth shines on Our Bottle about the breakup of a relationship. The final song on Murmurations is linked to the opener with the use of the fiddles but soon moves away.

Along the way there are some interesting tunes not least Inge’s written by the band themselves and inspired by Inge who I am sure will be familiar to readers.

Altogether this CD represents a significant step forward in the band’s development. It seems to me that they are all maturing in the way they present the music to us and are a much more coherent outfit. One final observation. The word “unique” is much overused in the entertainment world, but every copy of Murmurations is just that. Lillias has created an album design which is different for every copy. I am not going to give the game away but I love the concept and is a great idea as it makes downloading less attractive.

Dave Beeby


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