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SANDRA KERR - Rebel With Her Chords 

SANDRA KERR - Rebel With Her Chords 
Private Label SKCD2019 

Sandra Kerr is a folk activist par excellence: choir director, teacher, writer, composer, etc. She has a huge back catalogue of recordings with other people and groups, so it is nice to find a ‘just’ Sandra Kerr album. She is not alone, of course, but ably supported by daughter Nancy as well as other folk luminaries.

Unsurprisingly, there is a strong female, but not rampantly feminist, slant to the songs. As has been said elsewhere, “her (own) songwriting is characterised by a lively passion for her subject, and ranges from women’s themes, deliciously sharp and perceptive political commentary and caustic satire, to recounted tales from local or regional history, and delightfully timeless and unpatronising children’s songs.” And there are also some great tunes that should not be overlooked here.

Kerr has a clear delivery and her commitment to the material is very apparent. The track notes, within the single-folk card case, are minimal, but do give some context to the recordings. It is a CD that will frequently be pulled from the shelf to give aspiring performers a source of material.

Tom Brown


This review appeared in Issue 131 of The Living Tradition magazine