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SOLASTA - A Cure For The Curious 

SOLASTA - A Cure For The Curious 
Private Label SLSTA18 

Solasta is a trio whose music crosses curiosity and a beguiling propensity to be deliberately different. Violinist Elisabeth Flett has performed with folk duo, Shamblestone, and sea shanty band, The Mead Men. Cellist Hannah Thomas can often be found on the West End in Wicked. Guitarist Jamie Leeming has many tours and recordings under his belt, and has performed at several high profile venues.

With all that accomplishment on board, the opening set The Plate Smasher (despite an incongruously off-putting opening) is a potent display of classical nous and Eastern European rhythmic diversion, topped off with some Celtic melodic trimming. The ensuing 5/8 Set once more crosses traditional tune figures with off-kilter timings, but again displays a sense of melodic understanding. The traditional Bedlam Boys kicks off with sprightly vocalising and includes edgy ensemble pyrotechnics mixed with melodic sensibility. The Pirate Set offers cool atmospherics and some of the most traditional sounding music on display, while Whitecaps offers a master class in melodic craftspersonship.

Solasta operates on the noir side of folk music with exquisite timing and telepathic interplay mixed with some dexterous musicianship. Being a string trio, essentially, the mix of classical, early music, jazz and folk styles makes for an intense listening experience. This is music for the wide-minded, for those who like the wild side of cross-cultural explorations and whose tastes veer more for the Cronos Quartet than standard traditional music ensembles. A Cure For The Curious is a walk on the wild side and one worth taking for brave and eclectic ears.

John O’Regan

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