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EFFRA - Lose An Hour

EFFRA - Lose An Hour
Smugglers Records SR18

Instrumental trio Effra with backgrounds, quite audibly apparent, in the progressive parts of folk, rock, classical and jazz music – and featuring two ‘true folk beards’ - met in 2011, winning the Bath Folk Festival New Shoots Competition soon after.

Combining the virtuosity of luthier Alex Bishop (acoustic, electric and baritone guitars), Aidan Shepherd (accordion, synthesizer) and Tom Newell (fiddle, viola, mandolin), their nine original pieces here all display a very sophisticated and contemporary approach to composition in mood, movement, pacing and dynamic.

Within the bounds of every piece, they offer complex music in terms of its layering, rhythmic interplay and shifting sequences but, emphatically, melodic music with astutely limited use of more abstract sounds and febrile turbulence! Many profoundly pleasing individual elements are combined to create rhythmic grooves and hooks of arresting quality. These include the crisp detail and propulsive use of guitar as a rhythmic device, the interwoven patterns and serpentine melodies of accordion and violin, sounds used for textural and scenic atmosphere (pattering rain in The Outer Hebrides for example) and some eddying cross rhythms and clever counterpoint.

Above all they masterfully combine passages where their instruments can keenly display delicate expression and shimmer, with graceful and emotive beauty, with those of intense and energetic driving quality, often reached by emergent movements that carefully layer and build. Those enjoying the hypnotic allure of Lau, Spiro, Guichen, Mabon, etc will find plentiful pleasures from deep and concentrated listening here. Having gained the GMT hour, go and lose yourself in their timely offer!

Kevin T. Ward

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