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SOPHIE RAMSAY - The Seas Between Us

SOPHIE RAMSAY - The Seas Between Us
Private Label SRAM003

This CD is largely composed of classic Burns-composed and traditional Scots songs that many of us will be familiar with, although on this occasion they have mostly been given a different spin by this Perthshire singer. Sophie has an unmistakably distinctive voice and delivery and this, added to an often ‘new age’ type accompaniment (to my ear), changes the character of the songs. Whether or not you enjoy the result is, of course, purely subjective, and in my own case I’m not sure that I found it an improvement.

It feels very much as if the songs have been recorded independently of the accompaniment, which works well in some cases, but there isn’t always as good a relationship between the two – for example, the voice doesn’t soar in response to the music in quite the same way as it would in a real time performance, and there was enough looping, reverb and electronically enhanced accompaniment to detract from the songs on occasion.

I’m sure that there will be many who’ll enjoy this CD – I just wish I was one of them!

John Waltham

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