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TERENCE BLACKER - Enough About Me 

TERENCE BLACKER - Enough About Me 
Talking Cat Recordings TCCD1801 

Terence is a talent. No doubt. And here he’s come up with a dozen self penned songs that help build his reputation. They are songs that make one recall Jeremy Taylor at his best, and in saying that, let me add that they are in no way derivative. Terence has a nice line in droll humour, and is not afraid to be self deprecatory. For instance, what he calls his “bigot’s song” – First World Blues – is not so much aimed at the fascist down the street, as himself (and me, for that matter).

Throughout, he accompanies himself very well on guitar, and has four classy studio musicians at hand. I was taken by the flute of Jon Loomes and harmonica of Edwin Beasant.

I note from his promo material that he is most likened to Jake Thackray. Generally speaking, I am pleased to say he is patently his own man, though track 4 – Marriage Song #1 – would be manna from heaven for Thackray tribute acts. That said, it is still the standout track: it tells of the tyranny of the sex act, when one person’s sex drive is far from the equal of the other. I was also struck by his English Love Song: this is truly a love song blessedly minus the saccharine. And his closing song – I’ll Be There With You - is a genuinely touching song of longing for a loved one, maybe a continent away: or even, another world away, in the hereafter.

A sweet album.

Dai Woosnam

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