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METHERA - Vortex

METHERA - Vortex
Private Label TET003

A remarkable and intriguing recording. I’ve never had more than a passing interest in classical music, and there is much of this CD that has very classical ‘manners’. Don’t let that discourage you – these musicians are sufficiently outstanding that they’d be worth listening to if they played classical pieces throughout. But they don’t. Their musical influences range from the estimable John Offord’s collections, via Shetland, Ireland and pieces composed by group members and on through the (always fascinating) music of Becky Price to end up at a Swedish wedding and the northernmost part of that wonderfully musical land.

And all along this journey it’s plain that here we have four people who have an empathy with whatever music they choose to play; they are right inside it. It’s not just that you can hear who influenced them, or that they’ve listened to a lot of people; it’s that they’ve then taken the tunes they like and understand best and remodelled them in their own unique and very polished style.

Methera describe themselves as a string quartet, comprising two fiddles, a viola and a cello, and they have been playing together for 10 years now, and this is evident in everything they play – there’s a degree of instinct involved that’s well beyond the average, and which allows them to take each piece, regardless of its origins, to a conclusion that the listener will find entirely satisfying. No criticisms; I liked it very much.

John Waltham

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