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DAVY LEES - One Of Those Days
Tapflerr Music TF001

Davy Lees, from Motherwell, is a veteran performer who began his career in folk music in the 1970s as a flute player and singer. The publicity blurb for this album describes the CD as “a blend of traditional, contemporary and self- penned songs and tunes”, and it is indeed an eclectic mix. Davy’s own song and title track, One Of Those Days, is a witty look at life on days when things just go awry. Davy’s vocals and guitar accompaniment throughout the album are solid with additional fiddle and keyboard well suited to the wide range of songs and themes that showcase his talents. Folk standards including Black Is The Colour and Auld Lang Syne (a proper version) are sensitively arranged and sung with tender conviction. Another of Davy’s own songs, The Weekend Waltz, dovetails gently into a tune, Eva’s Waltz, and is a fine, sympathetic real life observation. There is a live radio recording of Woody Guthrie’s classic anthem, I Ain’t Got No Home, which Davy makes his own with fine backing vocals credited to the Lanarkshire Songwriters.

The pace lifts on songs like The Ballad Of St Anne’s Reel, interspersed with the well known fiddle tune and Ivan Drever’s, Close it Down; a swipe at ruthless corporate greed. Davy sings a fine version of Allan Taylor’s evocation of modern Cuba, Los Compañeros.

Serious social commentary, plaintive ballads and quirky humour are delivered on this album with confident singing and uncluttered production. An album worth checking out if you like the folk club feel of a good singer presenting good songs that are familiar, newly written or competently re-interpreted.

Gerry Jones

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