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LE VENT DU NORD - Symphonique

LE VENT DU NORD - Symphonique
Musique TRCD3029

Le 11 decembre 2009, enpleine tempete de neige, Le Vent du Nord et l’Orchestre symphonique de Quebec etaient rassembles...  So starts the sleeve notes for this CD. Whilst I know a lot of readers will be fluent in French, many years ago I failed the O-Level three times before deciding to give up completely! The only other exposure to the language was whilst watching the wonderful “Allo Allo” and listening to wonderful bands from Quebec. Luckily a translation into English is provided.

Formed in 2002, Le Vent Du Nord are one of the bands influenced by, and following in the footsteps of, La Bottine Souriante. They are well known for their endless enthusiasm, whilst their live performance is electrifying. So this live album comes with high expectations.

What we have here is La Vent du Nord performing their material to the accompaniment of Quebec City Symphonic Orchestra in front of a live audience. I had my doubts that it might become a bit smooth and watered down, and indeed it comes close to being at times, but it is always rescued by the musicianship and wonderful rhythms of the band. The symphony arrangements of Tom Myron work to enhance the music.

It must have been a wonderful night as the audience left the concert hall in the snowstorm, with the glow of the music to keep them warm on their journey home.

Symphonique by Le Vent du Nord and the Quebec Symphony Orchestra is very tres bonne-or something like that!

Dave Beeby

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