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FATDOG - New Found Land

FATDOG - New Found Land
Riverboat Records/World Music Network TUGCD1087

A little while ago I reviewed an album by Burgess, Ådin & Wingärd called Doggerland and rather liked it ("a bit of a belter," I said then - and time has not changed that opinion - check it out).  Well, here they are again, but combining forces with Swedish jazz trio Fattigfolket, which means they have added trumpet/sax, bass clarinet and double bass to the mix which already included concertina, hurdy-gurdy, cittern and clarinet.  Quite a mix it is too.  The jazzers tend more towards the Jan Garbarek than the Charlie Parker and add their cool melodic ornaments to embellish traditional material (rather than the folkies trying to be free jazzers).  Most of it works, with the numbers now ranging from a wonderfully energetic unaccompanied Hog-Eye Man, to polskas played on the brass (Jonas Slangspolska), bringing to mind the glory days of Groupa and Filarfolket.  It's a real treat and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The quality of the singing and playing is superb - imaginative and of the highest calibre.

My only reservation is that some of it sounds (despite the best endeavours of the wonderful bass playing of Putte Johander) a bit careful.  Beautifully played, thoughtful, great to listen to - but I would love to hear the instruments really let rip a few times.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how this line-up develops and hope (pray) that someone has the good sense to book them over here.

Paul Burgess

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