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THE DUBLINERS 'The Ultimate Collection' Sanctuary Records TVSAND003

OK, so wouldn't you just know it Bejesus! And sure what big(ger) horror could there be than another trek out for the beloved Dubliners and a timely St Patrick's Day release of (according to the title at least) the Ultimate Collection. Maybe it's me and my cynical eye to marketing but yet another re-packaging (!) please, give us a break chaps. It's not as if I don't appreciate a good song and set of feisty fiddle driven tunes but there's only so many times you can it throughout your life. Still, the contents of the CD aren't that bad - in fact I'd go so far as to say it's possibly the most accurate title I've come across for some time. There's "that" amazing version of 'The Mason's Apron' led by the fearsome banjo antics of Barney McKenna and of course we have contributions from the dear departed Luke Kelly. Who can forget Ronnie Drew's 'Seven Drunken Nights' - although we all know there have been a damn site more than seven! Even new boy Paddy Reilly gets a look in with the anthem-ish 'Fields Of Athenry'. No self-respecting Celtophile could forget the Dubliner's highly charged 'Irish Rover' joined by The Pogues and lest we forget the real fans out there, there's the lovely air 'The Marino Waltz' performed magically by its composer John Sheehan. If you haven't got at least one of The Dubliners CDs in your collection (and I'll buy the first person who says he hasn't a pint of the good stuff) then buy this one - there's not a duff track here!

Pete Fyfe

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