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Word And Note W&N002 

This CD has a classical legato feel throughout. It is entirely instrumental. Judith Henderson is a violinist – rather than a fiddler – and most of the original material comes from her pen. I approached the track that says it was written as part of guitarist Nick Hooper’s score for Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince - Farewell Aragog – with great anticipation, only to discover it sounds uncannily like Comin Thro’ The Rye!

There is no doubt about Henderson and Hooper’s competence as musicians, and the CD becomes more engaging as you move through it, although I wonder whether a couple of the tracks should more properly be regarded as riffs rather than tunes. This is not uncommon amongst recently penned ‘new’ tunes and perhaps I am being too fussy! Pete’s Trees will sit on the shelf and whenever I want background music that requires less engagement from the listener and can be ignored at will, I may put it on the player.

Tom Brown


This review appeared in Issue 131 of The Living Tradition magazine