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Private Label WFM03 

Heather Cameron is a young woman from Nova Scotia who was given an opportunity to spend a day recording this first full-length album in J P Cormier’s studio. It highlights her range of talents, from traditional-style fiddle playing to singing, composing and arranging songs.

Of the four tune sets, only two tunes are actually traditional - this shows the wealth of material available from modern-day Scottish and Canadian composers. Heather’s playing is relaxed and fluid, and she knows how to build towards exciting finales. I loved the sheer fun of the Neapolitan Jigs and Showtime Reels sets. Debbie Scott’s Eileen’s Waltz is beautifully played.

Heather’s singing is expressive, and she is a skilled arranger. There is some fine piano accompaniment from Doris Mason, and JP himself chips in on various instruments. Of three self-written songs, I most enjoyed the title track, which (I think) is a touching song to the man she is to marry (now her husband). The three songs she covers veer towards the sentimental, with Hugh Scott’s maritime Theresa Maria (a SOCAN song of the year) the best of them. Overall, I’d have welcomed more narrative and grit in the songs.

This 49-minute album is a good showcase for Heather, well produced by JP Cormier. Mixing trad-style tunes with songs not in a trad-style doesn’t sit easily with me. There again, due to the wonders of modern technology I can press a few buttons and be left with two short albums, both with plenty to enjoy.

Tony Hendry

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