Keith Kendrick - Songs from the Derbyshire Coast

Songs from the Derbyshire Coast
Wildgoose Records WGS337CD

Keith Kendrick has been around for quite a while now and will certainly be known to readers of TLT, not only through his recent albums - this is his third for the worthy WildGoose label - but also through his work with some of the most respected bands of recent years: The Druids, Ram's Bottom Band and Muckram Wakes.

On this new CD Keith is joined by some of the finest musicians and singers around. The cast list is too long for me to name everyone here but in whatever combination they appear their contribution adds to the performance, they are integral not just support.

The choice of material and clever arrangements are perfectly suited to Keith's rich voice and singing style. His repertoire reflects his interests in songs and song variants from Derbyshire and his enthusiasm for maritime material. There must be a clue to the title somewhere! Whether sea-shanty, a hunting song or a carol. From the Sheffield pub singing tradition everything sits nicely together in what is not only a varied and rewarding programme but is also fun and all- involved while maintaining the highest musical standard. It is clear that the musicians are enjoying themselves and this enjoyment is easily picked up by the listener.

I like everything about the CD, the first class artwork, the chatty notes, the fine production and the overall authentic feel. One of the best for some time.

Danny Saunders.

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