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WILL MARSHALL - Destination - Home 

WILL MARSHALL - Destination - Home 
Private Label WM2021CD 

Based in the wonderful Kingdom of Fife, Will Marshall is a well-known musician, composer, tutor and musical director. Like so many working musicians whose performance diaries have had to be kept shut for so long, he had time on his hands to put a bit more emphasis on composing, and has ended up with this cracking little CD of principally dance music, drawing largely on the Scottish traditions.

Will plays lead accordion, piano and bass, and has devised the string arrangements and additional samples. He is backed by his former teacher, Ian Muir, on second box; Archie McAllister, fiddle; Rory Grindlay, drums; Ade McKenna, guitar; and Tom Oakes, whistle. All these musicians work extremely well together to create an overall sound that has a light bounce to it, fairly grabbing the listeners’ attention and (as you would hope with dance music) making them want to get up and move about the floor a wee bit! The playing is crisp and clean with great pace and balance.

The tunes are inspired by people and places that are important to Will, and I was particularly pleased that there is one tune, The Professor, that is a tribute to Professor Jason Leitch, the straight-talking Airdrie man whose advice to the people of Scotland as a public health expert has been invaluable. It’s a fine tune, too.

A very enjoyable CD indeed, but please, Will, when you release your next one, please use a more easily legible font for the (very helpful) notes – this one didn’t do my eyes any favours!

Gordon Potter


This review appeared in Issue 139 of The Living Tradition magazine