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Witchwood Media WMCD2052

As the Strawbs, Dave Cousins & Co have been on the road for five decades now - I recall seeing them as the Strawberry Hill Boys about 1965 at the college of that name - their style hasn't changed that much, quite Dylan influenced with a bit of Incredible String Band and you have a fair idea of this folk/rock band's spot on the dial. Their big 1973 hit Part Of The Union made their name and they've travelled the world since, playing their 'acoustic' and fairly gentle music to appreciative audiences. 

They don't rely, unlike many groups of a certain age, on popular old songs, but this CD is composed of mostly new material. It's a popular genre, and they keep illustrious company, Rick Wakeman guesting on A Glimpse Of Heaven and Witchwood. Loyal fans of the band will know the last two 'bonus' tracks of older material in Beat The Retreat and Ringing Down The Years. That's exactly what this album does, and the old skills are still there in the band's fifth decade of performances, ringing down the years.

Jim Bainbridge

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