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WINTER WILSON - Cutting Free

WINTER WILSON - Cutting Free
Private Label WWCD007

It makes me laugh when, on a website, an artiste says that their new CD is out and they are very pleased with it. Come on, no-one is going to say that they are really not pleased with it and it could be a lot better. But Winter Wilson should be pleased with Cutting Free because it’s not bad at all.

Dave Wilson and Kip Winter have served their apprenticeship, having been part of Ragtrade in the early nineties before forming a duo a couple of years later. They have produced about six CDs, have performed regularly during that time and I think they have just taken the gigantic step to go fully professional. On the basis of Cutting Free, I think they should do OK.

All the songs here are written by Dave, except for one by the late Nick Keir about Kip’s mum’s croft during WW2. I think it’s the first cover they have recorded so they must have a large back catalogue. Very strong vocally, Kip and Dave share the lead but also there are some really strong harmonies, most of which have sympathetic accompaniment. Kip plays accordion whilst Dave plays guitars and other stringed things as well as a bit of percussion.

The CD should sell well, as they have a healthy gig guide for 2014. I have seen them live and seem to remember their live set was pretty impressive and they left the audience feeling good. You should be able to see them near you or at your favourite festival.

Dave Beeby

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