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WINTER WILSON - Ashes & Dust

WINTER WILSON - Ashes & Dust
Private Label WWCD008

Over six previous albums, Dave Wilson has shown he is an economic, perceptive and skilled songwriter; Kip Winter has shown she has one of the best voices on the folk scene; together they have proved to be fine interpreters of those songs. On Ashes & Dust they surpass all their previous efforts: in every respect it stands head and shoulders above their earlier releases. From the traditionally-based Weary Traveller, written during the making of the album, to the closing Austerity, a positive protest with an ear to the ground and an eye on the future, every track is worthy of being a standout on any other album. Here, they represent a collection which is simultaneously entirely new and also, genuinely, a best of.

The songs address pain and pleasure, urban life and the countryside: there is, throughout, a sense of reality (the nutshell kitchen-sink drama of Doreen & Joe), irony (the exquisite Gallows Hill) and questing (in songs like The Healing Time and To Hell With Monday Morning one feels the sense that no matter how bad things are, there is a chance of something better and, more importantly, a right – in every sense – to it).

If you already own some or all of this outstanding duo’s previous releases, you know why you need to add this to your collection. If not, herein lies one of your most treasured album purchases of 2016.

Nigel Schofield

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