YOUNG NO MORE - 'Three for A Girl'

YOUNG NO MORE - 'Three for A Girl'

'Young No More'? I hear you say, 'What kind of a name is that'?   Well, it's simple really.  YNM are Nic Burdett, Vic Simpson & Jacky Lockley.  They used to be Burdett, Simpson & Young, but Young returned to his home patch in the Northeast so they were 'Young No More'.  It was suggested to them, as they searched for a name for the new line-up, that 'Young No More'  seemed appropriate.  This was agreed and readily adopted.  Since then their name has stood for vigorous harmonised singing of a choice repertoire of songs mostly, but not exclusively, from British tradition, and for a group becoming known beyond their East Midlands home patch.

This CD opens with 'Sea Coal' from Graeme Miles, a wonderful songwriter.  Other modern songs include 'Jack in the Green' (Martin Graebe), 'The Blackbird' (Dave \Webber) and their own setting of Steve Plowright's poem 'Countryman', a standout track.  The band's choice of traditional songs hold some pleasant surprises, 'The Captain's Apprentice' for instance, not that this tale is pleasant, gruesome would be a better description, but little sung and so all the more welcome.  The same welcome from me to 'Riding down To Portsmouth', a song I've loved since first hearing on a Topic album by the Willet family of English travellers, circa 1960.   A grand selection ends with the 'Apple Tree Wassail' that includes the 'Hatfuls, Capfuls, and Hip, Hip, Hooray' call.  A call echoed by me for this album of songs sung with honesty and affection.

Roy Harris

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