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UISCEDWR 'Everywhere' Yukka Records YRCD01

The debut album by 2002 BBC Young Folk Award Winners (have you ever thought that there must be as many past folk/trad music contestants out there now as there are past Big Brother housemates?) whilst good doesn't quite live up to the accompanying publicity blurb -in fact I wouldn't have known if I hadn't been breathlessly told that they were a "vibrant young trio dripping in Celtic fervour" etc. Putting that stuff aside (and they're not guilty of writing it) the album has nothing to be ashamed about, and in fact has a lot to recommend it from the impressive percussive skills of Cormac Byrne to the mature singing of Anna Esselmont (which I wish there had been more of) particularly on the old Sisters Unlimited 'No Going Back'. The album sags a wee bit in the middle with a little too much similarity, and fiddle in high register for my taste, but nevertheless they have an innovative edge and - a great thing- come over as a trio who enjoy what they're doing, to the degree that I'd imagine they'd be excellent live, and that their next album will build on the strengths of this one.

Hector Christie

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