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FELLSIDE NEW RELEASES: Peter Bellamy, Rick Kemp, Destination, Greg Russell and more...


Peter Bellamy - The Maritime Suite
Peter had a theory that the poet Rudyard Kipling was influenced by folk songs. In 1982 he recorded one of his albums of Kipling songs, 'Keep On Kipling' for Fellside. Two other events were happening that year, National Maritime Year and the Falklands War. Peter put together a cycle of folk, Kipling and other songs on a maritime theme which he called 'The Maritime Suite'. Peter collaborated with Dolly Collins with whom he had worked on previous albums to provide the musical arrangements. With just Dolly's piano and Ursula Pank's 'cello this was the line-up which was featured on BBC Radio 2 performing the suite. Peter toured the show solo using slides to illustrate the performance. This is its first time on general release.

Fellside CD283
Rick Kemp - Perfect Blue
Rick Kemp is best known as the bass player in the premier Folk-Rock band Steeleye Span, a position he held from 1972 through to his final farewell in 2016 (there was a 14 year gap from the mid 1980s). This detracts from the fact that as side projects and away from Steeleye he's also played with Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Michael Chapman, The Maddy Prior Band, The Backroom Boys (Gerry Conway, Jerry Donahue, Doug Morter), the rocky Ceilidh band Whapweasal, Devil's Watch and, more recently, BN&K (Paul Burgess of 10CC, Ken Nicol ex-Steeleye and Rick) as well as sessioning on and producing albums from The Johnstons to Swan Arcade. Being remembered as the bass player also obscures the fact that he's a very accomplished guitarist. This this album sees Rick mainly on his own with his guitar. Of course he has added some bass to some tracks, but has dubbed on all the harmonies himself. All the songs except one are Rick's. This all adds up to a hugely enjoyable, listenable album with songs on a range of topics from the personal to observations on life and the human condition.

Fellside CD282
Various Artists - Destination: Fellside Recordings 1976-2018
Founded in 1976 Fellside Recordings created two labels, Fellside (Folk) and Lake (Jazz), which in the intervening 42 years have gone on to become two of the UK's leading labels for their genres. The company has released over 600 albums which is a remarkable achievement considering that it has been run by just two people, Paul and Linda Adams. Between them the labels have won numerous awards for their products and their artists from The Music Retailers Association, BBC Folk Awards, British Jazz Awards and many more.
This triple album set is both a reflection and a celebration marking the end of an era. It features tracks specially recorded for the compilation by many of the leading names the labels have worked with as well as previously unreleased archive recordings which not only connect to the labels, but also reflect Paul and Linda's musical life as well.

Fellside CD281
Greg Russell - Inclined To Be Red
As part of the duo of Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Greg has made three albums, a DVD and won two BBC awards. Here he branches out on his own with a wide ranging programme of his own songs, traditional songs and songs by writers as diverse as Si Kahn and Mick Ryan. Greg has decided to keep it simple and straightforward with his powerful singing style and accomplished guitar accompaniment doing the work, but he has enlisted a little help from bass player Tim Yates and box player Archie Churchill-Moss. Greg has gleaned accolades for creating the ‘Shake The Chains’ series of concerts and touring with ‘The Transports’ shows in 2017.
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Fellside CD280
The Hut People - Routes
The Hut People (Accordionist Sam Pirt & percussionist Gary Hammond) deliver their 4th CD for Fellside. R2 magazine described them as “A bewildering array of percussion and accordion-fired compositions….truly infectious”. That just about sums them up. As previously their material follows numerous routes across continents, oceans, traditions and even forges new routes with their own material. Belgium rubs shoulders with Whitby; Portugal with Durham; Sweden sits alongside hints at Reggae. The champions of the standing ovation cover it all with their trademark high-octane blend.
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Fellside FECD278
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith - Night Hours
This is the highly anticipated second release from Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith. Their new album ‘Night Hours’ is a powerful collection of songs that brings a new relevance to the traditional music of the British Isles and showcases some poignant compositions. The album links the hardship of working people throughout history with the struggles of marginalised communities today, but it achieves it with a lightness and musicality that makes the album a joy to listen to. Over the last three years the duo have built a reputation on the UK folk scene for arresting and moving performances. There is an integrity that shines through their performances, where a sense of justice and morality underlie every song. This CD certainly reinforces their growing reputation.
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Fellside CD279
Emily Sanders, Chris Parkinson, Pete Morton - The Magical Christmas Tree
Well-established Fellside artist singer-songwriter Pete Morton teams up with Emily Sanders and Chris Parkinson to do a tour every December. The Magical Christmas Tree tour has been going for ten years. Between them they deliver a richly textured collection of vibrant new songs, beautiful old carols and stunning instrumentals – this includes O, Little Town Of Bethlehem to the tune of The House Of The Rising Sun (and vice-versa). The tree is decorated with scrolls which might have songs, dances or antics written on them. The audience chooses the scrolls and the trio have to do whatever is written on them. It can get quite anarchic. Some of the most popular features have been gathered together on this highly listenable CD. Given the top-notch singing and first-class musicianship this is a hugely entertaining set.
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Fellside CD277
Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot - Breaking The Spell Of Loneliness
This remarkable collaboration between author George Monbiot and musician Ewan McLennan seeks to address the curse of our age: a crowded planet stricken by loneliness. Using music and the written word, it seeks to make connections in a splintered world. The project began with an article George Monbiot wrote in The Guardian, about the age of loneliness. The article went viral, and several publishers asked him to write books about it. But George had a different idea. He approached Ewan McLennan and proposed a collaboration. Together they would write an album, a mixture of ballads and anthems, whose aim was to try to break the spell that appears to have been cast upon us; the spell of separation.
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Fellside CD276
Vic Gammon & Friends - Early Scottish Ragtime
This CD presents American dance tunes that came to Britain as well as some tunes from England and Scotland that in their rhythmic quality seem to pre-figure ragtime music. The unifying theme of this CD is syncopation, the significant characteristic of Ragtime. Dr Vic Gammon recently retired from being Senior Lecturer in Folk and Traditional Music, but continues to be a guest member of staff at Newcastle University. On the CD Vic plays concertina, tenor banjo and mandolin. His ‘friends’ include concertina player, Sandra Kerr (of “Bagpuss” fame), noted fiddle player Stewart Hardy, flautist Desi Wilkinson from the Irish band ‘Cran’, BBC Folk Award nominee, Dan Walsh on 5-string banjo and harmonica player, Steve Harrison.
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Fellside CD273
Pete Seeger - In England
The legendary American Folk singer’s career had been seriously knocked off course by the McCarthy witch-hunts into Un-American Activities in the USA affecting artists believed to be communists. At one stage Seeger was facing a ten year prison sentence, but he managed to visit the UK in 1958. The concert was recorded and issued on the Folklore label which emanated out of the Dobell’s Record Shop on Charing Cross road in London’s West End. In 1964 he was back again and one concert, at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall, was recorded again. Both concerts on this DOUBLE CD FOR THE PRICE OF ONE set are typical Seeger material of that time. The Folklore LPs had limited circulation and the Manchester concert has never been heard before. The booklet comes with an informative essay about Pete Seeger by Joe Stead, some observations by Seeger himself and notes about the songs.
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Fellside CD275
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - The Silent Majority
The duo of Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar is one of the most significant success stories of the UK Folk scene in recent years. From their debut album (THE QUEEN’S LOVER) in 2012 to winning the BBC young Folk Award within months, winning the BBC Horizon Award (2014), a second acclaimed CD (THE CALL) followed by stunning DVD and now their third CD. The juxtaposition of Greg's powerful vocals and Ciaran's superb fiddle playing coupled with their relaxed stage presentation is the key to their success. They are also talented on assorted other instruments which they have used more on this new album revealing a new depth to their music. They have more guest musicians on this new album and this gives them a bigger sound. Their stature grows with each project, but despite the additions it remains very much a duo album.
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Fellside CD274
Pilgrims' Way - Red Diesel
Red Diesel, the first album for 5 years from BBC Horizon award nominees, Pilgrims' Way, is a full fat, export strength, throttle-wide-open exploration of the contemporary English tradition. Building on where they left off with the acclaimed 'Wayside Courtesies', this is a big sounding, one-way cavalry charge at the barricades. Drawing the majority of the material from the tradition, no cow is too sacred in the development of the sound. Playing 40 instruments between them, the scope is vast. There are even Tubular bells. The band demonstrate the full range of their powers, from the good old fashioned thrash through 'Light Dragoon', the sparse treatment of Les Barker's beautiful 'Maybe Then I'll be a Rose', the prog style development of the epic 'Ride in the Creel', to the textured Jews Harp led soundscape of 'Six Dukes'. They're a band at the peak of their powers, touching countless genres on their way through ten action packed tracks. Pilgrims' Way are Edwin Beasant, Lucy Wright, Jon Loomes, and Tom Kitching.
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Fellside CD272
Various Artists - The Journey Continues: Fellside at 40
Ten years ago we celebrated 30 years with a triple CD and attempted to tell the Fellside story (LANDMARKS FECD203). So much has happened, so much diverse and good music made by artists on the label that there was enough material to celebrate 40 years and mark the last 10 years. 57 tracks covering the past 10 years and as wide-ranging as the label has always been. Some tracks are unique to the collection and haven't appeared on Fellside albums elsewhere. (Triple CD for price of one)
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Fellside CD271
Pete Morton with Full House - Game Of Life
The two CDs of new material from Pete Morton - THE FRAPPIN' & RAMBLIN' PETE MORTON (FECD261) and LAND OF TIME (FECD269) - has refocussed attention on Pete's back catalogue of songs. Most of his earlier albums are either deleted or not easy to obtain and at gigs Pete often gets requests for a lot of his popular songs. Rather than trying to put together a compilation we decided to re-record some of his most popular songs. He is joined on the album by Full House, one of the most popular bands in the North-West of England and old mates who are very familiar with Pete's songs.
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Fellside CD270
Ciaran Algar - The Final Waltz
Ciaran is a multi-instrumentalist (Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, and Percussion) who is quickly becoming one of the most highly-regarded young musicians on the Folk circuit today. His playing has been described by fRoots as “engagingly empathetic and honest with a lovely tone” whilst Living Tradition magazine said he “exudes a life experience of a skill finely-honed from a myriad music sessions in a million bars”. Ciaran’s musical influences come from deep within the Irish tradition. This Irish connection led to Ciaran taking part in the Fleadhs run by Comhaltas, in which he was extremely successful. Over 8 years of competing, he won 20 regional titles, 12 British titles and 1 All Ireland title across various categories (Fiddle, Fiddle Slow Airs, Bodhran) all by the time he was 16 years old! Ciaran is best known for his work with Gre Russell (two albums and a DVD on Fellside, but this is his first album under his own name. The Final Waltz is influenced by many different artists over many different genres of music, which produces a fairly unique style. Three of the four songs on the album are self-penned. The main vocalist in the band is up and coming singer, Sam Kelly, runner up in Britain’s Got Talent and now a serious Folk musician. The majority of the album, however, is instrumental. Rather than recording every tune set with fiddle and guitar and producing a really traditional-sounding album, Ciaran has created a band for the album and for touring.
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Fellside CD269
Pete Morton - The Land Of Time
Pete Morton returns with his second CD for Fellside. Of his previous album, Mojo magazine said "[Pete Morton's] as animated as ever, blending politics, love songs, barbed asides and humour" and fRoots commented "he delivers a stimulating album of lasting quality". This new album is more along the same lines: more folk rapping, insightful ballads and beautiful love songs. He sings from the heart with songs the tell compelling stories and speak of the human condition from a very unique perspective whilst remaining rooted in the folk tradition.
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Fellside CD268
Gren Bartley - Magnificent Creatures
Gifted musician and lyricist Gren Bartley releases his third album Magnificent Creatures for Fellside Records. Gren is a widely acclaimed and accomplished musician. He has been recording and touring relentlessly these past few years, working with an array of talented musicians and producers. Magnificent Creatureswas produced by Gavin Monaghan (The Editors, Kings of Leon, Paulo Nutini, The Young Braves) at Magic Garden Studio. Gren has already achieved plaudits from fRoots, Bright Young Folk and Acoustic Magazine with good reason. This latest release will add to a rich and growing back catalogue. His style and flair as an 'expert fingerstyle guitarist' has put him at the top of his game. Magnificent Creatures is the follow-up to the successful Winter Fires.
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Fellside CD267
Tom Kitching - Interloper
Best known for his work in a duo with Gren Bartley and in the group Pilgims' Way, the talented fiddle player Tom Kitching strikes out with an album of his own. Tom describes his album as "an outward facing forward looking English music album". The album seeks to define the state of the tradition. What are the new English tunes? What influences them? How do they fit in the continuum of English music? Defining English music as anything written by an English musician regardless of style Tom is joined by musicians from outside English music to produce something which is both contemporary and broad based.
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Fellside CD266
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith - Let The Wind Blow High Or Low
A debut album by two artists Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith who play traditional and original folksongs of the British Isles held together with driving banjo and guitar arrangements and close vocal harmonies.Their music reflects the diversity of voices within the folk and acoustic world. They weave traditional English folksong with Irish, Scottish and American tunes, and their own compositions draw on many different styles. The stories are varied but there is a common thread of political struggle and resistance, and the decline of the industries that were the backbone of England for many generations. Jimmy and Sid both work towards environmental protection, Sid in traditional forestry and Jimmy as an environmental campaigner, and the political elements of these pursuits inform much of their music.The album is very much rooted in traditional music but it is not bound by it and it delivers a fresh interpretation of some well travelled tunes and songs which manage to bridge between the tradition and modern times.
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Fellside CD265
Joe Topping - The Vagrant Kings
Joe Topping is a singer-songwriter who has been described as a “cross between Ry Cooder, Woody Guthrie and Paul Brady" and this is his second solo album on the Fellside label (previous CD FECD231 - plus two with Elbow Jane (FECDs 223, 242). Joe has developed his own unique bottleneck guitar style which he employs in many of his original songs and has a voice that can move from velvet soft to steely and powerful. Joe’s band, The Vagrant Kings, is a brand new group that bring a highly original and exciting new sound to the Blues, Americana and Folk scene. With sophisticated song writing, intricate bottleneck slide guitar, Hammond organ, pedal steel and percussion, all combining to create a unique and fresh musical soundscape. The band is named after the band of stellar musicians Joe assembled to record this album.
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Fellside CD264
The Hut People - Cabinet Of Curiosities
The Hut People - Sam Pirt & Gary Hammond - go from strength to strength. They have built up a large loyal following with Sam's superlative playing and Gary's tasteful accompaniment on his vast stage-filling array of weird and wonderfully obscure and exotic percussion instruments. Between them they breathe life into an eclectic collection of tunes. This feel-good, joyous music which will be welcomed by their fans and bring in a host of new ones.
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Fellside CD263
Ewan McLennan - Stories Still Untold
BBC Horizon Award winner, Ewan McLennan returns with his third album. With each album Ewan builds on the previous one and this latest one is sheer class. The Scottish newspaper The Herald summed up Ewan's approach to his material as "a dynamic dialogue between tradition and modernity with artistry, finesse and eloquence. All those ingredients are here: traditional songs alongside his own compositions; familiar songs reworked; lesser known traditional songs; all backed up by his beautifully accomplished, tasteful guitar playing and his voice described by Mojo magazine as " moving". A beautiful, quality album on so many levels.
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Fellside CD262
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - The Call
It’s been two years since the release of Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar’s previous, and debut, release – The Queen’s Lover (FECD251). A lot has happened in that time. In 2013 the duo won the Young Folk Award and a year later picked up the Horizon Award, both at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Musically, the pair have continued to develop their sound, adding instruments and gaining an increased maturity and understanding of music whilst receiving great acclaim for their live performances. Despite all the change and development, however, Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar have taken the same fundamental approach to The Call as they did The Queen’s Lover. The duo has created an album which features music from a wide range of sources. Some traditional songs are included, songs from contemporary song writers also and indeed some original material, but underpinning it all is a desire to create an album which is true to their energetic and considered live performances.
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Fellside CD261
Pete Morton - The Frappin' And Ramblin' Pete Morton
‘THE FRAPPIN’ AND RAMBLIN’ PETE MORTON' is a new collection of songs, ballads and folk raps that could only have come from the pen of Pete Morton. Wandering through the centuries and back with both eyes on the present, he delivers ten spellbinding lyrical gems on this superb new album. ‘Frapping’ his way around the tradition with a mix of rap, talkin' blues and folk club chorus he rants social comment at knitting machine speed, before returning to his tried and tested skill at the beautiful ballad. There are anthems here too, this really is a folk singing ‘tour de force’, this CD has all the hallmarks of a classic. "Not only impressive but a revelation......totally original.” The Guardian
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Fellside CD260
A.L. Lloyd - Turtle Dove - England & Her Traditional Songs Vol 2
This set is loosely based on the theme of 'love songs'. Accompanied on some tracks by Alf Edwards, Bert Lloyd’s straightforward presentation, coupled with his ability to tell a story, remains a focal point in getting into this interesting set of songs, is an object lesson for aspiring singers and reinforces why he was such an influential figure of the English Folk revival.
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