The Living Tradition Issue 49
Featured in this issue -
  • Dervish - Julian Gurr interviewed Dervish at last autumn's "Return To Camden Town Festival" and it gave him the opportunity to reflect with them on the truly outstanding decade of Irish music making for which they have been responsible.
  • The Give Way Sisters - Hector Christie takes tea and bites off more than he can chew with the Give Way Sisters. This young Scottish band played at the Cambridge Festival this year (2002), stole the show and also set a new record for the youngest band ever to play at Cambridge.
  • Mairead Nesbitt - It's all too tempting to say that fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt has 'many strings to her bow'. After all, we're talking here about somebody who has played in a classical orchestra at 16, who's backed performers from Van Morrison to Sharon Shannon, who's been the lead fiddler of Lord of the Dance and its successors, who has taught and written, and who is now launching herself on a solo career.
  • Karan Casey - Steve McGrail speaks to Karan about her blossoming solo career and her life since leaving the Irish supergroup Solas
  • Common Ground/National Festival, Scotland - Photo feature & review of Scotland's newest Summer School and Folk Festival.
  • Geordie - Ballad Feature - the fourth feature of our Ballad Series by Nick Caffrey
  • Iain Mackintosh - 40 years of Iain Mackintosh by Susanne Kalweit
  • The Demon Barber Roadshow - Darth Vader meets Cecil Sharp! - Nigel Schofield speaks to Damien Barber about how the Roadshow came to be.
  • Tony Corcoran - If you talk about Irish music on Tyneside you'll immediately think of some of its stalwarts like Peter Kelly, the late John Doonan, or the stalwart behind Newcastle's Irish centre - Tony Corcoran.
  • Martin Simpson - Mel Howley speaks to this Guitarist Extraordinare.

Reviews - Issue Number 49

English Country Blues Band - Unruly
Michael Jerome Browne - Drive On
Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman - Dialogues:Agallaimh
Coope, Boyes & Simpson - Twenty-four Seven
Da Fustra - A Shetland Dance
Tim Dennehy - The Blue Green Door
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - Between the Dark and the Light
Freres de Sac - Bag Brothers
James Gordon with Sandy Horne - One Timeless Moment
Sara Grey - Boy She's a Daisy
Joe Heaney - Irish Traditional Songs in Gaelic & English
Alan & John Kelly - Fourmilehouse
La Bottine Souriante - Cordial
Penny Lang - Gather Honey
Michael Marra - Posted Sober
Ellen Mitchell - On Yonder Lea
The Pack - Twelve Little Devils
John Renbourn - Another Monday
Leon Rosselson - The Last Chance
Shine - Sugarcane
Slainte Mhath - Va
Tanglefoot - Agnes on the Cowcatcher
Various Artists - Six Strings North of the Border
Various Artists - The Future Sound of Gaeldom
Bobby Watt - Watt Next?
Wolfstone - Almost an Island