Our writers

Over the life of the magazine we have had contributions from many people with a passion, knowledge and committment to folk music. This is not a comprehensive list but writers include: Hector Christie, John Waltham, Alex Monaghan, Alan Rose, Alan Murray, Pete Heywood, Roger Edwards, Sharon Armstrong, Shona McMillan, Nigel Harbron, Tony Hendry, Janie Meneely, Tom Bliss, Elaine Bradtke, Brian Peters, Chris MacKenzie, Simon Haines, Trevor Buck, Colin Hall, David Kidman, Dai Woosnam, Debbie Koritsas, Geordie McIntyre, Alison McMorland, Jim Byrne, Chris Haigh, Jim Bainbridge, Susanne Kalweit, Graham Pirt, Fiona Heywood, Raymond Greenoaken, Rob Adams, Joshua Dickson, Clive Pownceby, John Carnie, Julian Gurr, Loudon Temple, Iain Campbell, Mel Howley, Mike Wilson, Nigel Schofield, Clare Button, Frank Chester, George Frampton, Paul Burgess, Chris Haigh, Peter Urpeth, Glen Titmus, Pete Wood, Phil Thomas, Richard Brown.

If you would like to join our team of reviewers and writers, please contact us on editor@livingtradition.co.uk.