Maidenhead Folk Club

We are a small but friendly club dedicated to the retention, propagation and performance of the Traditional Music and Song of the British Isles, whilst having a little fun!

As the above would suggest our booking policy tends to lean towards the Traditional although that is not set in concrete as exampled by our biennial song writing competition where our desire is to encourage songs that 'will continue to be sung in Folk Clubs'.

We are known as a warm, friendly, 'Singing' club where no chorus is ignored, due to our enthusiastic members and as most of the audience are performers, if you want a floor spot be sure to get there early!

Our current venue is , 'New Inn', 1 Farm Road, Maidenhead, SL6. 5HX We meet every Thursday throughout the year, starting at 8.30pm and finish at 11.00pm, (or as near as possible!).

Due to the constraints of the venue we do not collect at the door but 'pass the hat' in the break with the very moderate suggested fees of £5.00 for standard Guest Nights with a graduated scale for more expensive Guests and £2.50 for Singers' and all other nights.

We book two or three Guests a month, filling out the rest of the evenings with Singers and Musicians Nights and Theme Nights when we make the money to pay for the Guests!