Fyvie Folk Club

The club meets on the first and second Wednesdays of each month in the Vale Hotel, Fyvie in the North East of Scotland. Fyvie Folk Club was first formed during the Folk Revival of the 1960's/70's, but faded away after running for a few years. However in 1992, a handful of like minded Folk enthusiasts got together and decided to reform the Club, advertising in the local press to try to gather some support.

On Wednesday October 7th, 1992 the newly formed Folk Club opened its doors to the general public in the Vale Hotel, Fyvie and the present incarnation of Fyvie Folk Club was born. The constitution of the Club is centred on encouraging new and youthful talent and a feature of the Folk nights has always been, free admission and an open programme of performers. The compere compiles the programme "on the hoof", as performers turn up, with a few regular members providing the performance base of the evening. On occasion, the evening is given over to a visiting band or artiste and again, admission to these evenings is free.

See their website: www.fyviefolk.org.uk