The Legacy of Ewan MacColl

A presentation by Sandra Kerr and Bob Blair @ Girvan Folk Festival, 2019.  Sandra and Bob were both in The Critics Group with Ewan. This 'workshop', although lasting well over an hour, barely scratched the surface of what they both consider to be Ewan's immense contribution to the folk revival. It was recorded very simply, for archival purposes, but we present it here for you to enjoy.

The Great North Roadshow

This is a remarkable live recording of four musicians who for a short time toured as 'The Great North Road Show'. Tom McConville, Pauline Cato, Maggie Boyle and Clive Carroll. The recording was made by Kris Koren and John Weatherby - Sound Sense. Thanks to Tom McConville for giving permission to make this available through our website. 

Cathal McConnell with Heather Heywood @ Irvine Folk Club, February 2014

This is an unedited live recording of a performance by Cathal McConnell and Heather Heywood at Irvine Folk Club. There was no preparation for this concert, no planning beforehand between Heather and Cathal, The idea was that Heather (and Pete) Heywood would act as hosts, and a foil for Cathal, interacting with him as the evening progressed. It was one of the evenings where things worked out, each singer responding to each other - helped by an enthusiastic audience.