Stockton Folk Club, Stockton on Tees

We're a friendly club that believes in participation, not just listening. So, come and join in some rousing choruses. A typical evening begins at around 8.15 with an instrumental session or "knurdle" when our regulars work their way through some well-tried tunes: anyone is welcome to join in and add to the repertoire. Then from about 8.50 we start singing......

We aim to have guest-nights twice a month: other Mondays are "singarounds" (see What's on). At a singaround everyone is encouraged to get up and sing, play a tune, recite, clog dance or whatever they want to do, provided it falls under the wide umbrella of folk. But don't worry, nobody is coerced into getting up, and we have a healthy core of talented performers to ensure an entertaining night. On a guest night, floor spots are limited: if you are visiting and want to perform, catch the M.C. early - you may still be restricted to one song!

The club meets at The George & Dragon, 109 High Street, Norton (still part of Stockton borough) - a friendly, cosy real-ale pub with an old-world feel.

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