Common Ground on the Hill,

Maryland Common Ground on the Hill was founded on the premise that there is a common human thread unifying all people expressed in our various artistic traditions. Their mission is to make this thread a path towards human understanding, tolerance, fulfillment, and enjoyment. The embodiment of this path will be a music and arts community where master musicians, artists, craftspeople, and creative thinkers will provide a quality learning experience for an audience which we will endeavor to increase in size, diversity, and influence. It is essential to the success of this mission that the artists, teachers, and students, reflect local, national, and international communities.

Common Ground is made up of two "Tradition Weeks" of workshops, classes, dances, art exhibits, and concerts on the beautiful campus of McDaniel College in central Maryland, a two-day, four-stage "Roots Music and Arts Festival" held on the 80-acre circa 1850's Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, Maryland, and a "Roots Music Concert Series", with concerts each month from September through April at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster, Maryland.

Website: Common Ground on the Hill