Baring-Gould Folk Song School

The folk arts development charity Wren Music invites you to take a week out in beautiful rural west Devon working on your voice and song development at the Baring-Gould Folk Song School. Set in the village of Bridestowe, the Folk Song School gives you the chance to experience being part of a passionate singing community, and meet like-minded people from across the country. You will have the opportunity to plan your own way through the week, balancing your own programme from the three main strands: Developing Technique warming up; finding your own voice; breathing; pitching; phrasing; ornamentation; creating your own harmonies Developing Repertoire searching the archive; collation of text and tunes; putting tunes to words (and vice versa); arranging; using harmony effectively; accompaniment Developing Performance Skills identifying opportunities to sing away from the clubs; using modern PA systems; building confidence; overcoming nerves; relaxation; telling the story.

Tuition is in large and small groups, as well as one-to-one, and is complemented by discussions, informal evening talks and events in a variety of local venues - including pubs! There is an extensive library of resources and materials, including copies of the full Baring-Gould folk song archive. The Baring-Gould folk song archive is one of the most significant collections of Westcountry vocal traditions from the Victorian era. Sabine Baring-Gould undertook the first serious attempt to collect the traditional songs of the English peasantry and workers, in West Devon.

The full extent of his research work was only realised in 1992, when his personal manuscripts were discovered at Devon’s Killerton House. Alongside the 650 songs, further finds have made the collection even more comprehensive. Wren Music is now the guardian of this amazing archive.

Website: Baring-Gould Folk Song School