Carrying Stream Festival

This festival is a celebration of the life and legacy of Hamish Henderson, a great Scottish folklorist, songwriter and collector. Organised by Edinburgh Folk Club, the Festival has been on the go since the year of Hamish Henderson’s death. An international array of singers and musicians will fill an action-packed week of concerts and workshops featuring music, song, poetry and storytelling.

Hamish Henderson (1919-2002) is often referred to as the ‘father of the Scottish folk revival’. Since the year of his death, Edinburgh Folk Club has kept the memory of this remarkable man alive in an annual festival dedicated to his life and legacy. But the Carrying Stream Festival is not just a shrine to the great folklorist, song collector, poet and songwriter, political activist - it is a Festival in the spirit of Hamish Henderson: celebrating traditional music, song, storytelling and poetry in all their historical and contemporary contexts, presenting established tradition bearers alongside international acts and up-and-coming talents. It is looking backward and forward, is part of the carrying stream of the folk tradition.

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