Rocking Good Folk Club, Groningen, The Netherlands

Slowly but surely the small stages, the folk clubs that put on Celtic and British folk are disappearing from The Netherlands. They are often the springboard for starting bands and a great place to see what is going on with Celtic and British Folk in The Netherlands and surrounding areas.

From their heyday where every town had one or more folk clubs there are now a handful of consistently programming Folk Clubs left, with a few more organising events as and when. A great reason to start up our own Folk Club, after 2 seasons of organising small scale acoustic concerts. Between September and April, on average once every six weeks, we organise intimate concerts without amplification in the Rocking Good Folk Club, usually on a Sunday afternoon. These Afternoon Concerts are top quality Celtic and British Folk in wonderful locations in the North of The Netherlands,

in and around Winsum (province of Groningen). Intimate, acoustic concerts where the audience gets up close to the artists. Pure, no amplification. There is space for a maximum of 50 audience members, where the emphasis is on being and listening together. No mics, no speakers, no cables, just a very intently listening audience that is there because they want to hear you and experience your music. Our small stage is open to established and starting groups, and we arrange sessions and workshops to help bands develop their skills and learn to play a wide variety of Celtic and British Folk.

Once in a while we will organise a "present yourself" evening, where bands who have come up through the sessions and workshops can show off their skills to hiring locations. We are open to touring musicians who have a Sunday afternoon free and would like to play in a small and intimate setting and in exceptional circumstances we can arrange an extra concert on a different day. So if you happen to be in The Netherlands or Northern Germany or you're organising your tour and you fancy popping over to meet your audience in a small and intimate setting, why not drop us a line and see if we have a free Sunday afternoon for you to relax and play some music.

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