Amberley Acoustic

Amberley Acoustic Music Club meets at The George and Dragon in Houghton, near Amberley, West Sussex, BN18 9LW, (01798 831559) where the beer is excellent, the pub (one of the oldest in Sussex) full of delightful character and where there is food available until 9.00 pm.

We usually meet First and Third Tuesday nights but other Tuesdays are also used. First Tuesdays are usually a 'Convivium Musicale' which is not just a singaround but is people playing and singing with and to each other, talking about music (and many other things) and sometimes just coming to listen. Third Tuesdays are usually guest nights. If there is a 5th Tuesday in the month we often host an acoustic open mike / singers / musicians evening.... Music starts after 8.00 pm, the exact time being determined by the number in the audience... and we finish at 11 pm.

It is not always easy to park before about 8.15 pm but remember you can park on the road. Music includes local singers doing short floor spots, extended floor spots and sessions from singers and players as well as excellent professional acts. The music is varied.... Traditional, country, blue grass, hot 1930s jazz, and a good few singer songwriters. It is our unswerving policy to put on acts whose priority is to entertain and who like to engage with the audience rather than impress. If you go away at the end of the evening with a smile on your face, we have succeeded!! For anyone looking for a floor spot, extended floor spot , shorter session or full gig, contact Andy. Always pleased to hear from singers and players, new and old to the club. We will always do what we can to get you on.

The room holds 40 people comfortably and because of the rather soft acoustics we do usually have a PA to share out the joy of the music to those at the back! We do ask everyone for a modest entry fee, usually just a voluntary contribution for Convivium nights, £2 for open mike nights, £4 or £5 for guest nights.

For more info see: Amberley Acoustic website