Sunflower Folk Club, Belfast

In the seventies and eighties, when many people were avoiding the troubled streets of Belfast, there was a place where many artists continued to visit and play. The Sunflower Folk Club, founded by the late Geoff Harden, was an institution - a place where top folk performers could come and play in a sympathetic environment, and one of the few real “folk clubs” in a scene that was only beginning to develop in the area.

Sadly in the eighties the club closed, and in 2006 Geoff died after a short illness. Now, after many years, the Sunflower Folk Club has re-emerged in the new Sunflower Public House in Belfast’s Union Street. Drawing on the inspiration of several successful folk clubs in Belfast, but particularly acknowledging the legacy of the original Sunflower club, it is good to see this club re-open its doors.

It plans to meet every Thursday at 8pm with the usual guest artist and floor singer format. The venue is the new Sunflower Bar in Union Street, Belfast .

For more info see: Sunflower Website or Sunflower Folk Club facebook page